Learn the Benefits of Proper Taxation

Many reasons demand that serious entrepeneurs learn about and benefit from proper taxation. Some of them include:

  • Proper taxation can help you be able to keep the maximum amounts of what you or your business earns.
  • The IRS tax code now requires over 70,000 pages of 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper for full explanation.
  • Understanding all of the potential deadlines that exists for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the year.
  • Understanding which business entity might be best for your business.
  • Support on when multiple entities might serve your activities better than a single entity.
  • Being versed on which deductions your company would benefit from and maximizing those opportunites on your tax filings.
  • Making sure to file the tax returns correctly so your business can maximize chances to avoid costly and difficult tax audits.

Contact us today to set up a complimentary tax consultation to learn better how to achieve these valuable goals.  One of our corporate consultants can help you right away!

Proper Asset Protection and Entity Structure

One of the most important business decisions you will make at the outset of your activities (or when you finally decide to properly structure your activities) is what kind of business structure to create and use.  Different businesses offer different benefits and liabilities.  Acting as a business in one’s own name is usually not recommended and can bring about many future problems.  Some of the reasons for a proper corporate entity are (these reasons can vary depending on the entity that is chosen for your business):

  1. Personal legal protection from your business activities.
  2. Business protection from your personal activities.
  3. Business protection from other unrelated business activities.
  4. Significant and additional potential tax benefits.
  5. Opportunities for more than one person or more than one business to operate in the same business as partners.
  6. To form an entity that becomes completely legally separate from the person(s) who founded it.
  7. Learn which type of structure could maximize both tax benefits and legal protections at the same time.

Some of the negative aspects of owning a business might include:

  1. Ongoing management.
  2. Yearly or more tax and accounting filings.
  3. Professional oversight from professionals where you might lack insight or understanding.
  4. Separate accounts and licenses.

All things considered, most people find the benefits of proper business structure far outweigh the potential limitations.  Get a complimentary phone consultation with one of our business consultants and find out what might work best for you!

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