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About Mike Watson Investing

Mike Watson Investing (presented by Wealth Follows Worth Strategies, LLC) is a company founded on the principle that there is more to life, in fact, more to you than you are currently experiencing at this moment.  Our goal is to get you and/or your company to become more than you are…..more than you’ve ever been.  And then, to teach you to thirst after change and improvement, so that your life becomes one of incredible and satisfying growth.

We have found that there are few forces more powerful and satiating than personal growth.  Perhaps our sentiments can be encapsulated in the following quote:

“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state…Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”
– James Allen

So, the full premise is this: True and lasting wealth cannot be sought, obtained, found, given, taught, bequeathed, earned or encountered….outside of ourselves. True wealth is something that can only be found by significant and lasting internal changes to our worth. And once we create true and lasting internal worth, wealth will flow to us immediately. Wealth cannot and will not be denied from us from then on. Wealth will become a byproduct of our personal worth. Therefore, wealth follows worth.

Perhaps many companies, people and schools can claim the desire of change, but very few of them understand the key ingredient that is missing for so many.  That key ingredient is that until you personally change how you look at life and business, nothing else around you will change either.  Until your worth changes, your wealth will not change.  The seminar industry for example kicks out so many attendees that never change.

The latest plan, blueprint, system, strategy, idea doesn’t matter until you change who you are and how you think and act.  So while our programs, systems, ideals and efforts will be world-class, the things that matters most in this endeavor is YOU.  We can say very few things outside of us change us permanently.

As an example, many millions of Americans go on a diet each year, only to gain the weight they lost back and then some more.  The reason this happens is that there was no real lasting change in how the person lived and felt about themselves.  Compare that to a man who has a heart attack and a quintuple bypass, survives and then goes on to dramatically change his beliefs about food, health, life and death and exercise. This man is forced to change….. or perhaps quite literally die. Now, that is leverage.  So how do we create a force inside of you by choice that can cause great change in you?

That becomes the secret sauce.  The spice of your life and business that perhaps you’ve never before enjoyed.  Until now.  So, rest assured that the focal points of our business; business and sales techniques, real estate strategies, public speaking and training, tax strategies and entity creation will all come with a heavy dose of intrinsic and organic change.

Let’s change your WORTH and your WEALTH will surely follow.  Because once your worth changes, wealth will flow to you…… and we promise that you are worth it!

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