We now have 11 amazing deals that we either own or have under contract with partners in Utah and California, with several that we’ve sold and profited from also. We’ve started our degree camp program again, and we’re growing more and more every day!

Mike Watson Investing does deals! Deals that we vet and partner on are submitted to us by our students. The vetting process includes going over the details and confirming that each deal is a great example of Highest and Best Use. If you ask any one of our students who has partnered with or is partnering with us, the opportunity to have MWI partner with you is of incredible value!


One of the incredible deals that we are partnering on is in Weber County, UT. It was submitted by one of our amazing student couples, Don and Erica Ashby! We will be turning a vacant lot, in a great location into a triplex.

Another two deals that we have are with Spencer Peck in Tooele County, UT. One of the deals led to the other; while driving around his area of expertise, his son found a vacant lot that abuts an even larger field that turned into his second deal! The first deal includes a lot that will be subdivided into 3 parcels. On those parcels, we will build 3 duplexes! The second, which is pictured above, we will build 25 duplexes and a few single-family homes! Can you say, Highest and Best Use?!

A fantastic deal that we have in Davis County, UT, submitted by Rafael Chavez Jr. and company, will be over 15 townhomes! The profit on that is huge! This isn’t the only deal that Rafael and his team are working on submitting to partner with us.


Two deals in Southern California by Tim and Victoria Huyck are in the works, where we are turning vacant lots into senior housing! The city where Tim and Victoria are working is allowing 100% bonus density for senior housing! The unfortunate lack of current senior housing available and the overwhelming need down there has brought about that incredible incentive!

In a different city in Davis County, UT, our phenomenal student-partner, Mike Lloyd, found and submitted a deal. It’s a corner lot that currently has 2.5 units that we are tearing down to allow for Highest and Best Use! That being a 12-unit building that will improve the landscape of the neighborhood and will turn a massive profit and possible cash flow!

Salt Lake County, UT is growing like crazy and the opportunity there is increasing by the day. Taking that and Highest and Best Use into account, another one of our rockstar student couples went out and found a vacant lot that was zoned for a high density! We partnered with them, closed on that property, and are now looking to make a quick high 5-figure profit! No complaints there.


Each and every week as the deals keep coming in, the list just grows and grows. Our students are realizing their dreams and goals, and we are all having a blast doing it! Here at Mike Watson Investing, we do deals!