Hey everybody. I need your help. I don’t ask often, but I think this is pretty cool.

We are starting a pretty aggressive campaign to get new students into our program and would love your feedback.

Many of you have been to other real estate camps and trainings and you also hopefully know why you’ve gotten involved with us. (WE DO DEALS!)

So, I wanted to ask your help on gaining some ideas on what might make for a powerful ad campaign for new people. Think the header on a Facebook ad or an awesome subject line on an email that really grabs you AND separates us.

I asked at a recent event that we did and got some great ideas but want more. Here are some of the ideas we heard:

  • We partner with our students. (No, we really do.)
  • No Flipping Way! The No Flip Real Estate Experience.
  • Learn How to Buy Properties at .10 cents on the dollar!
  • 6-Figure Wholesale Investing
  • Get 1 7-Figure Deal Done

Anyway, you get the idea. What recommendations can you give me on this? Please comment, a one-line sentence like those above, even if it is only slightly different than others that are posted.


Thank you,

Mike Watson

President, Mike Watson Investing