Amazing Student Letter for City Meeting!

One of our students, Tim Huyck, deserves a HUGE shout out for taking Massive action and setting up meetings with the city! Mike will be personally attending this meeting with Tim in California, as the groundwork has been laid and things will be ready to go.

Way to go Tim for taking the steps that Mike Watson spells out in his Amazon Best Seller books, Highest and Best Real Estate Investment!, as well as in his information-packed events! Conversely, each event builds upon the previous one, and missing even one event could mean the difference between you taking your investing up to the level where our Superstar Tim Huyck is, and not.

We look forward to working with YOU on Deals that you submit, once you qualify for partnership status. Let’s do this and have a blast doing it!

“Mike w/Tim and other students”

The following is a copy of the letter that Tim just sent to the city in preparation for setting up his Area of Expertise and submitting the two deals that he already has under contract. What kind of response do you think we will get from the city when you send a letter like this to them?!

Good morning, Mr. Toomey:

Our team is excited to have an appointment with you at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, March 12, 2018. The purpose of our meeting is to discover how we might create some wonderful opportunities for infill, redevelopment and urban renewal.

First, it might make some sense to give you some background on what we do. Our focus is on infill, redevelopment, and urban renewal projects. We like to take areas in a city that are either vacant, distressed, abandoned or under-utilized and revitalize them through new or re-development. We have done projects in 10 states and would love to work in Yucaipa as well.

Furthermore, we practice the “path of least resistance” in our relationships with the city and rarely ask for zone changes, variances and exceptions. We much prefer to follow current zoning and development guidelines and seek out projects that fit within current zoning regulations. That being said, we also love to think outside the box and create win/win scenarios for the city and our developments where ingenuity and creativity benefit all.

In order to have the most effective meeting possible with you, we have included a comprehensive list of topics we would like to talk about for us to begin our relationship.

1. Where in your city would you like to see infill, redevelopment, urban renewal enacted?

a. What development incentives are you offering in those areas to help projects succeed?

b. Are there any specific properties you want to see improved?

2. What type of projects are you wanting to see in your city and where?

3. Are there any projects or properties that you can’t believe aren’t being done in your city already?

4. Are there any projects that started and stalled that haven’t picked back up yet? We’d love to run with any projects that make sense and have some work done, assuming cooperation with former applicants.

5. Are there any city-owned properties where you would like a developer partner? We also love to purchase real estate from the city and help create what the city is looking for on their properties.

6. Are there any projects or properties where the city would be interested in getting designed, platted and approved on their own and then selling to us to build out?

7. Do you have a PUD ordinance or something similar for projects, especially for infill or new projects? If not, what zoning instrument(s) do you use to get projects done in your city?

a. What is required to do a PUD?

8. What is the appetite for condo conversions? We love to revitalize and replace tenants with homeowners. What is the process for condo conversions?

a. What would we be required to do to bring a building up to code?

b. Are there any run-down apartment complexes you’d specifically like to see improved?

c. Are there any condo complexes that are operating as apartments?

9. What is the required process for twin home conversions from duplexes?

10. Do you or anyone else in the city keep a list of vacant, abandoned, condemned or red-tagged properties?

a. How do we get that information? What other entities might have access to that information for us?

b. Do you have a city utility company or any other entity that keeps those?

11. Do you offer density bonuses available in any areas of the city right now through overlays or other offerings?

12. Are there any zoning changes, density increases or potential development incentives under review for approval at the current time?

13. Are there any mobile home parks you would like to see replaced with permanent structures? What incentives are available for such an undertaking? Can the city help mitigate this type of project by helping with relocation expenses for existing mobile home park residents?

Given our list of questions, we’d love to see if you have any other ideas of things that might benefit our desire to enhance your city. Please let us know if there are opportunities that we haven’t listed above.

We look forward to meeting.

Thank you,

Tim Huyck and Mike Watson

Mike Watson Investing

What a powerful letter! Get involved to learn how you can get the same results Tim and many others are getting. Learn more about our team and amazing group and upcoming events on our Facebook page. Highest and Best Use Real Estate Investing.

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