Door Knocking Questions and Rules

I have done so much door knocking over the years in my Area of Expertise to find great investing deals. It is so easy and yields so many profitable results. Recently we did a Door Knock event in an area that I work in and one of the investing students showed up and was surprised how amazing the results and people were.

Later, in fact, he revealed his real feelings about door knocking (having never gone before) saying, “What an awesome way to spend a few hours! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, Mike! I was nervous to knock on doors and just start talking to people, but you make it so simple. I was surprised at how much valuable information people are willing to share…almost eager to share. I can’t wait to get started in my area of expertise. A big thanks to everyone else in the group, also. It’s nice to be around motivated people and see so much excitement, positive energy, and action!”

And interestingly, his experience is not unique. People respond to you, in large part, how you act to them during your interaction. I remember years ago taking a Las Vegas student door knocking. She told me that it would be a waste of our time and I didn’t understand people in Vegas very well to want to knock doors. At one point that day, 7 straight homes that answered when we knocked, invited us in to talk. She was amazed.

I thought I’d post the amazing questions that we ask and a few rules. Here are the questions that we ask after a warm and interested greeting:

1. Do you know of any vacant or distressed properties in the area? You’d be shocked how much people open up when they don’t believe that you are there to sell them something. Be warm. Positive. Tell them you invest in neighborhoods like these and you’d like to help fix up their neighborhood.

2. Are you aware of distressed property owners in the area? Properties may look fine, but if they have a higher and better use, we want to know if someone wants to or needs to sell. We look for divorce, job loss, death etc.

3. Do you know anyone who is considering selling or buying property in the area? We are looking for interested people that haven’t listed yet or people that tried previously and failed.

4. Have you considered selling or buying any real estate? Many people that we talk to, actually are interested in doing one or the other.

I ask these questions to find out as much as I can so that we can buy more properties. We also have some simple rules for door knocking too. They are:

1. Don’t ever go door knocking alone. Take at least one other person and let others know where you will be at all times. Don’t knock areas where you might be concerned for your safety.

2. Don’t go knocking after dark. Safety comes first.

3. Wear “business casual” dress clothes while knocking. You want to come across professional but not wealthy or too formal. I recommend that you drive a normal car too. For many years I had a little black Ford Taurus that I’d take on errands and for door knocking. It worked great and wasn’t intimidating.

4. Smile, be warm and engaging.

5. Start and keep conversations going. And if one doesn’t go well, just get back at it.

6. Talk about other people and other people’s property. This will build trust and they will let their walls down.

7. Always go door knocking with someone who runs slower than you do!

If you knock doors regularly with purpose, you WILL find investing results.  Make sure you knock in areas that are fertile with opportunity.  Those with vacant lots, larger lots with smaller homes, distressed properties, vacant properties and development incentives are a great start. We teach these methods and more here at Mike Watson Investing.