The POLICE Chief wants in! At our city development review meeting this morning, I asked a bunch of city officials if they knew of any properties that we should look at purchasing to help revitalize the city with infill and redevelopment.  The Police Chief kind of piped up that he had a big list of properties we could look at.  Everyone laughed until I spoke again.  I looked him in the eye and promised to look at every single property that he recommended to us.  We’d help however we could at the city.

In fact, when we went in recently to inquire about a piece of real estate that we were purchasing for development and use change, they told us about another property for sale.  We ended up putting that property under contract in under 8 hours.  Nobody was laughing anymore.  The room got very serious and they could tell that it meant something to our company to help renew neighborhoods.

A powerful letter!

So we knew that the POLICE CHIEF WANTS IN!! The rest of the city staff was pretty impressed too.  This is the edited letter I just sent to him to follow up to his comments from this morning:

Chief Johnson! (I’m not sure how to address you, but Chief sounds pretty awesome…… lol.)

It was a pleasure meeting you today at the City Development Review Committee meeting. I was genuinely excited that you might have some properties in mind to recommend to us in your city. We love to help revitalize properties in the cities that we work in, thus providing a cleaner and safer environment for all.

Please let me know if there are any properties you would be interested in having us take a look at. Our basic goal is to take out old and distressed properties and replace them with more new ones. Or, we fill in empty spaces (current vacant lots) with new construction.

We make that a win/win with the city, usually by adding entry-level homeowners in very nice and new construction projects. We also occasionally we will do a very serious remodel to make an older property much nicer for the future.

And we’ve seen again and again that homeowners in new properties will help lift any neighborhood to a better place.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Watson

This was a simple letter to write.  And when we back it up with some real effort and intent, the city will do a lot for us too.  The city will be very open about what they want and where they want it done. Cleaning up neighborhoods and helping people with affordable and high-quality entry-level housing benefits EVERYONE.

Get involved with what we do here at Mike Watson Investing!