Highest and Best Use.  Mike Watson Investing.  What we do!  Included here in this post is a great 7-minute video describing a very unique real estate investing approach.  This approach makes us so special and profitable and is different from everyone else.  Furthermore, our program is very different than all of the other investing groups out there that focus on carpet and paint rehabs or wholesaling.  Quit fighting over the investment scraps.

Also, this profitable system specializes in the many different uses that real estate affords us in the cities and counties where we work and invest.  We identify the most profitable or “Highest and Best” uses in those areas.  We find them with zoning, land use matrixes and building and development standards. Then we go about finding properties that aren’t benefitting from the best uses and make changes for a profit.  BAM!

A great real estate investing business doesn’t have to be any harder than that.  Highest and Best Use. And the best thing is that if you change the use that a property has, you IMMEDIATELY change the value. Check out the video and let’s get started:

Since you want to profit, check out all of the cool ways that we help you so-so.  Time to profit from real estate investing.  Let’s get started.  We have over 30 different techniques to profit from use change.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson Investing