Real Estate Investing Like You’ve Never Seen or Heard it Before!

Unless you’ve made millions and millions of dollars investing in real estate and know everything there is to know, this system IS for you. There is a different way to invest in real estate and I am going to teach it to you! The four areas of your life we can change are:


Time to fire the boss, fire the schedule, fire your clients and become your OWN BEST CLIENT. No matter what business you are in, you can be quit doing things the way you have been doing them if you choose to be. Proper investing gives you the freedom to call the shots and stop working for other people.


When you understand how to properly invest in a profitable manner, everything about your life will change. Immediately. You will work on YOUR terms. YOUR schedule. Show up when you want to. Right now, you are the tail on the dog. Financial constraints, the job, bills and perhaps clients control you. Are you ready for a change? Your FAMILY and LOVED ONES are waiting.


How do you make your money? Tired of trading time for income? Stop going to work for a day, week or month and see what happens. You don’t have to continue living this way. Time to change the way you make money. Learn a real estate investing system that produces short-term profits for NOW money. Don’t make a paycheck, make profits. Then learn how to create income with legs…… the money that just keeps on coming in. Month after month, year after year. With your current life, every time you make a sale or cash a paycheck, you have to keep trading time for money.


If you aren’t too focused on providing financially for this moment, the current stack of bills, the current financial duress that plagues you, how is your retirement going? Will the stock market and your IRA old up if you even have one? How much money is there? What happens when you get to that IRA and you outlive it, outspend it, can’t live how you want? How much faith do you have in Social Security? Get involved in “Highest and Best Use” to find out about a proper retirement…… one that pays you every month for the rest of your life, while it grows in value as your financial needs change.


You know that real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and that it does work if you will work with the correct strategies. Whether you’re just a curious novice, done a few deals, have started a portfolio or are a licensed real estate professional, we will explode your mindset. Quit being a spectator and get in the game! And if you are a real estate professional by trade, I will teach you how to make more money investing than you are making with your commissions. Commissions are TIPS, profits, equity positions, and cash flows are where the real success is at in this business!


With this system, you will learn a new mindset of investing abundance. The strategy of “Highest and Best Use.” I will teach you how to see real estate for what it can be, not what it is! Tired of the same old approach of carpet and paint fixer-uppers? Can you regularly find deals so low in price that you can profit after a ton of expense, time and effort on a remodel? Can even find one? We can teach you how to open the greatest cache of deals ever. Change your paradigm, change your understanding, change your strategy and CHANGE your results.

There is a reason 99% of the investing “gurus” preach and hype:

1. Carpet and paint rehabs

2. Foreclosures

3. Tax Liens

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ELSE! And you won’t either if you don’t get involved in one of our events or coaching programs.  Tired of fighting thousands of investors for the same lousy rehab investing scraps? Explode your market by changing the way you see real estate. Learn to find deals NO ONE else is even looking at!

Here are some other things we will touch on in this program that make your participation a MUST:

  • Learn about an easy to understand, easier to implement, blueprint for repeatable investing success, like you’ve never seen or heard before. The steps will be laid out at the free event.
  • Learn why good markets are good, but bad markets are much, much better. Learn the 7 benefits of a bad market that you’ve never considered before!
  • Learn how to find “non-competes.” These are deals where there is no competition. No one is even looking at these deals and they are often the best deals of all.
  • Learn how to profit from the 4 Laws of Density. You will learn how to make a good property more “dense” and therefore more profitable. The more dense a property can become, the more it will be worth. More equity and more profits!
  • Learn how to find and profit from “distressed” property. And I am not referring to doing physical fixer-uppers…..or putting lipstick on a pig. No more scraps from the real investing table! Distress often offers opportunities much more lucrative than carpet and paint rehabs. Learn the 21 signs of physical distress that investors often miss, and again, they are not carpet and paint deals.
  • Learn the 20 “zoning” signs of physical distress. Zoning is pure gold. If you don’t know what this is, you won’t want to miss this. I will teach you how to do “zoning or paper” fixer-uppers. Don’t touch the property. Time to make money with some NEW strategies, not carpet and paint.
  • Learn the 15 vital pieces of information that you need to start “zoning or paper” fixer-uppers and where to get them.
  • Learn the 16 things you should be doing at your city offices to produce fantastic investment profits NOW.
  • Change the way you profit from real estate by mastering the 7 essential elements of profitable real estate deal evaluation. Learn to evaluate deals differently so that you can profit differently than you ever have before.
  • Learn the “dos and don’ts” of capital raising from someone who has had great success and great misery raising capital. Avoid the mistakes I’ve made! Raise capital and fund deals like you never have before.
  • Learn how to use seller financing in good markets AND bad markets. Talk about money, get the SELLER to participate. This is much easier than you think. Learn how to do “terms fixer-uppers.” That’s right! Enhance the value of the property from the terms that you get and can use for others. Learn the 8 Seller Financing Techniques that you are NOT using currently. Learn how and why terms=profits on seller financing deals.
  • Learn how and why Seller Financing terms are better for the seller than they are for the buyer. Learn the 8 benefits of Seller Financing to the SELLER and the 11 benefits to the BUYER.
  • Learn the 11 reason Sellers say, “No” to seller financing and how to overcome those “nos” with the 4 seller financing Objection Killers.
  • Learn the 20 things you can negotiate OTHER than price to make investment profits in your real estate contracts. If you learn to write contracts differently, you will profit differently.
  • Learn what the ultimate Seller Finance weapon is and how to use it. It is called the “4-offer Spreadsheet” and it will teach you how to get almost any seller excited about seller financing.
  • Learn the 24 things you should be doing during your contract due diligence period to make sure you have a great real estate deal BEFORE you lose your earnest money.
  • Learn the 5 ways to make your property more valuable with conceptual “fixer-uppers”, that ARE NOT your typical carpet and paint fixer-uppers.
  • Learn the 20 secret ways to physically create and enhance equity in properties, AGAIN, with techniques other than carpet and paint fixer-uppers.
  • Learn what a “flixer” is and how to do them profitably.
  • Learn the 7 strategies to save yourself when you get stuck on any real estate property.
  • Learn how to use the greatest weapon not known to investors, the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. This is a tool that only REALTORS have access to and I’ve created a system that will find deal after deal after deal using it. The sad thing is that 99% of REALTORS don’t even know how to use this system themselves. If they did, they’d all be doing great deals, helping clients and be much more financially successful in their careers and personal investing. Don’t worry, if you’re not a REALTOR, I will introduce you to some that are highly trained and will be happy to help you out. If you are a REALTOR, I will teach you the investing secrets of the MLS. And once you use the MLS in ways that you’ve never used it before you will get results that you’ve never gotten before. I will show you, in this FREE class, opportunities that were found on YOUR MLS, that you didn’t find yourself. Find out the 23 Golden MLS searches that you aren’t using to find potential investment deals on the MLS that are now HIDING in plain sight.
  • Learn the 5 biggest mistakes that I’ve made participating in over $100 million dollars in real estate as an investor, broker, agent, contractor, developer, financier, partner, coach, and mentor. Don’t make the mistakes that I’ve made. The greatest among us study success and failure. And chances are, I’ve made just about EVERY mistake that you will ever come across.

GET INVOLVED NOW! Just the lists that I’ve explained above are worth ANY EFFORT it will take on your part to be involved.


Still not convinced? I understand the cynicism that stops people from reaching the highest levels of success. Or sometimes even starting in that direction. Life will beat you down and keep you there. Despite the massive successes I’ve had, there have been times in my life where I’ve lied to myself too that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or that I had made too many mistakes to become a major success again. You see, I’ve made millions and millions of dollars investing and I’ve also lost everything too. So, if you’ve ever fallen down and gotten hurt in life or finances with any or all of the following and you finally want to CHANGE, this is the company for you:

  • Bankruptcy
  • No credit OR poor credit
  • Foreclosures
  • Legal issues
  • No money down
  • Divorce
  • Investing losses
  • Civil Issues

I’ve dealt with ALL of these issues. You see, I built a $55 million portfolio. I had 640 units and many developments going. I lectured to over 40,000 investors across this great country. I’ve had hundreds of employees and many companies……… and when the market crashed, I lost it ALL. And I didn’t lose it because of my system. My system works in ANY market, better in fact, in bad markets. I lost it because I stepped outside of my system and made some mistakes that I will teach you how to avoid. To read the fuller story of this harrowing experience, click on the following link:

And when things starting turning on me, I was lied to, vilified, cheated, slandered, threatened, sued, foreclosed upon, divorced, investigated, fined and attacked in many unfair and unethical ways. I’ve got a great story to tell and I’m going to share it at the top of my lungs for the rest of my life. You WILL benefit from the wonderful and difficult things that I have experienced.

So, GET UP. If you have fallen down and are still down or have not made it back all the way, GET UP. Life has more to offer than living in the past. Participate in our system and we will show you how you can be successful despite whatever limitations you have or have had. The only real obstacle is fear and fear is the biggest liar of all.


I always considered myself unbreakable, until I was broken. And I didn’t get hurt, my life got destroyed. There are times that I look back upon and wonder how I even made it to the next day so many times. The truth is, I almost gave up all together again and again. But I didn’t. One of the reasons I made it through is my children. My older kids were old enough a few years back to see the success, see the dream, benefit from all the blessings that my businesses and investing brought our family.

Then they saw their father get broken…..In slow motion over a couple of very difficult years. And instead of fighting back against the lies, dishonesty, and slander, I put my head down and weathered the storm. I backed down from many difficult and formidable things, things that I knew weren’t true. And the truth has come out in the time since. The truth ALWAYS comes out.

And in that decision, I lost myself for a moment. Well, I am back. And I am going to show my children what their father is made of and that I will never back down again. EVER. I have come to believe that one of the most important things that I can teach them is to NEVER, EVER give up. We can always find a way. We will find a way. So, if you have struggled through parts or all of your life, me too. Success was ours before. Almost 20 consecutive years of unparalleled success. We are NOW doing it again.

So, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES. I will give you my heart and soul to make this work. And if you’ve never been hurt or broken, what are you waiting for? You should be first in line.


Real estate investing requires a lot of work and effort to be successful. There are no guarantees to success or failure in anything that we do in life, especially this. As I have mentioned, I have made lots of money and suffered great losses in real estate investing. Any business or investment has risks. Nothing in this text or website should be construed as an earnings claim or promise of any kind. There are many ingredients to success that you will need including, but not limited to, your work ethic, significant effort, finances, self-esteem, the sphere of influence and much more. The market, finance options, and the economy also play key roles for all investors. Any examples or results shared should not be deemed typical in any way. Each person’s experience is unique.

Mike Watson Investing