Calling all Fatties!  Your diet isn’t the problem, you are.  Diets do not work if we are broken inside.  Yes, I just said that!

So, before this goes very far, I have struggled mightily with my weight since I was 11 years old. I have suffered greatly with my self-esteem as it relates to health for many years. I didn’t mean to offend with the first line, I meant to get your attention. Food has been many things to me. A drug. Comfort. An addiction. Something to celebrate with. Company. Something that has helped me cope and deal with issues for a long time. Like many, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with eating.

And the diets, man I’ve tried the diets. I could talk about diets for hours and in a very educated way too. Name a diet and I will give you a 30-minute overview. Back it up with studies on some of them. The science and thought behind them. And sadly, diets don’t work if you are broken inside in some way, large or small. Diets don’t and never will fix the reason that people abuse food and overeat. Years ago I started referring to the extra fat that I carried on my body as my “pain suit.” I knew deep down that the diets wouldn’t work until I was in a much better place mentally and emotionally. But I wasn’t sure how to deal with those problems inside, so the vicious cycle of gaining weight, extreme efforts at the gym and diets continued. What a living hell……….

Then it happened. I quit focusing on my weight and started asking some really hard questions about myself and my life. I got serious about deciding who I was and what I was at my core. People don’t work on their cores. How we feel and see ourselves is determined mostly by outside stimuli. My foundation. My values. And shifts happened all over my life.

Nothing will change in your life until you change. And as soon as you change, everything around you will change immediately!

So, as I set about these changes, I got invited to a lunch with a group of my cousins. I had made some great strides in many areas but hadn’t really focused on my health. At the end of the cousin’s lunch, we all took a group picture. They sent us all a copy. The heavy picture you see in this post was me at that lunch. When I saw it, I felt horrified and disgusted.

Now before this core shift, I would hate pictures because I knew how I looked and it made me sick. I’d see a picture (if I let someone actually take one) or myself in the mirror and think:

1. I look horrible

2. I’m so fat and disgusting

3. I need to pick a day to start a diet

4. I wouldn’t look so terrible if I quickly lost 10-15 pounds- What’s the easiest way to lose 15 pounds quick?

5. I need to find a diet that works

6. More people will love me if I lose weight

7. I’ll have more value

8. Nobody wants to listen to the fat guy speak

9. I’m a slave to food and feel so depressed

Notice how each of these reestablish or reaffirm what my core belief is, but from the outside.

After a core change, I saw this picture and exclaimed for the first time in my life, “That’s not me!” Change your core belief and identity and everything around you will change immediately. 

My whole life had been spent trying to fix the outside things that caused me to eat instead of doing the one thing most of us refuse to, find what is broken inside and get busy fixing it.

But this time, as soon as I changed, I looked at and felt differently about myself than I ever had before. The proof was in the “diet.” I engaged an eating program that I had done about a half a dozen other times, but this time, I was different and consequently, the results were different too.  

Most of my life, diets would start with some fast weight loss in the first couple weeks, followed by a period of plateauing and finally a collapse where my willpower simply gave out and I’d run back to my addiction to food. However, vision is different than willpower.

This time, I started fast, had a slower period in the middle, but the further I got, the more weight came off of me. I dropped 31 pounds in 45 days. I currently don’t own a pair of jeans that won’t fall off of me if I’m not careful. My diets in the past rarely lasted 15 days. And the killer part was that I lost more weight in weeks 5,6 and 7 than I did in weeks 1,2 and 3. People noticed immediately and were sure to tell me, the weight loss will slow down, be prepared for that. It didn’t. Essentially, my body manifested on the outside how I felt on the inside. And don’t ask me what diet I did. If you do, you missed the whole point.

If you ever want to be able to exclaim, “That’s not me” about your health, get involved in our “I am the Empire” program.  I’d love to share what has happened with my weight, health, relationships, a new marriage and much more. I guarantee you are worth hearing what I have to say.

There is a different way to live. Time to learn about it……………

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Watson

Mike Watson Investing