Great video that shares a powerful and life-changing story about risk and self-improvement.  What do you really want out of life?  What are you going to do to get there?  Are you willing to pursue your dreams or will you just sit by while your life slowly passes you by?  If we are unwilling to risk what we have, we are willing to risk all that we can become.  Time to stand up and live a better life.  No more living below our destinies or God-given talents.

How many of us are sitting back living unfulfilled and lives that lack passion, drive, and enthusiasm?  Until we change inside, nothing around us will change on the outside.  Ever.  And when we change who we are at our core, the things in our lives will immediately change around us.  This is what we believe here at Mike Watson Investing.

Until we change our inner worth, the wealth of life will not be ours.  And as soon as we change that inner worth or intrinsic personal value that we possess, we will immediately see abundance in the form of Vibrant Health, Personal Worth, Financial Wealth, Divine Sense of Purpose and Meaningful Relationships.  Time for a change!