I want to introduce you to what may be a new truth in your life. A principle that works. Something that will make sense to you on an internal level, because it is a correct principle of life, not just in business or real estate. It is the principle of “Wealth Follows Worth.” For over more than two decades I have watched a countless number of people incorrectly try and fail to build true and lasting wealth. I have experienced this principle myself in some very painful ways, even after experiencing well over a decade of my own significant wealth. The truth of the matter is that lasting and permanent wealth is very hard to achieve….but it is certainly doable. It has been said that many millionaires have had to make and lose their fortune several times before it finally becomes permanent. Why is this? Let’s look at “Wealth Follows Worth” to find an answer.

The premise of “Wealth Follows Worth” is encapsulated well in the following statement:

“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state…Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.”
– James Allen.

See, you can attempt any program, obtain an education, make any outward changes in your life and they will never become permanent until who you are on the inside changes and attracts that which you truly desire. Once true changes on the inside have occurred, the wealth, relationships, health and happiness of a person will immediately change. This is what “Wealth Follows Worth” truly means. You can’t have external and lasting wealth until your inner worth changes permanently. Once your inner worth changes, wealth will flow to you. You will be able to hold it and you will bless the lives of others around you.

The full premise is this: True and lasting wealth cannot be sought, obtained, found, given, taught, bequeathed, earned or encountered….outside of ourselves. True wealth is something that can only be found by significant and lasting internal changes to our worth. And once we create true and lasting internal worth, wealth will flow to us immediately. Wealth cannot and will not be denied from us from then on. Wealth will become a byproduct of our personal worth. Therefore, wealth follows worth.

I have worked with thousands of real estate investing students in seminars, consulting, coaching and other places. Almost all of them sought an education so that they could learn how to find wealth. The gurus shout, “Come try this system, or this secret or this new technique.” No one ever proclaims, “Come and change who you are and wealth will be yours.” Few students have sought a new way of life, a new way to think and a different way to become a new and better person. Therefore a very small percentage of the students I have encountered outside my system has changed. Many within my system, before I understood this principle fully elected not to change and just sought education. The education at that point wasn’t much help. It may have produced money, profits and cash flows, but because the changes for many of these people were not lasting, the results weren’t either. Even though I was learning the principle, many of my students did experience this internal change and lasting improvement. I had many years of incredible success, but because I did not fully have personal worth mastered, I encountered some very painful and severe losses and setbacks. The setbacks were significant enough to cause me to stop my personal investing on a high level for several years. I needed to spend that time finding and creating true worth so that I could create wealth for myself again. The reason I had to start sharing this knowledge again from my life is that of the personal growth I have experienced and want to share with others. I have found nothing in my life so rewarding as personal growth, change and achievement internally and with others in their lives.

In fact, perhaps the biggest proof of this truth for me was my own life. As I felt empowered, supported, esteemed and prosperous, I made millions of dollars over many, many years with great results. As my business crashed with the economy and other things, I lost my confidence and beliefs. My self-esteem was shattered. I went from thousands of followers and supporters to a handful of people/entities hell-bent on my personal and business destruction. My internal worth was destroyed and not only did I not perform well on a business level, I didn’t perform well on almost every level. I worked hard to have a great relationship with my children and I did my best to maintain my morals and beliefs, but as a person, I was completely destroyed. Even finding and keeping any type of employment was excruciatingly difficult for some time. Can you imagine that? I had started a run a number of multi-million dollar businesses. I had bought and sold millions and millions of dollars of real estate. I had employed hundreds of people in my career. Written/Co-Written 6 books, two of which were Amazon best sellers. I had created and accomplished so very much and I couldn’t even find a worthwhile job. My personal worth had dropped so far, many wouldn’t hire me…..seeing me as broken and defeated. And the saddest part of that perhaps is that I may not have hired myself either.

Being so low in business and life so closely in time to nearly unparalleled success taught me many important lessons and showed me that I had so many places to improve and grow. I kept asking myself what was different with me during the 17 years of amazing financial success and the few years after of feeling like absolutely nothing I did worked or had any value? The more I suffered the harder I looked. Many in my position would have said, “I was cheated on, cheated, abandoned, robbed, thrown away, left for dead, forgotten, slandered, defamed, wrongly accused, wrongly destroyed, poorly treated, lied about, blamed for things far out of my control, affected adversely by the government, the weather and a handful of angry, vengeful and vicious people full of hatred.” Honestly, there were days where I allowed that belief to attempt to comfort me. I allowed myself to be a victim of what had happened to me. However, it never worked. Deep down I knew that no matter how bad and unjustifiable the actions of others were, the responsibility of the whole mess of my life was mine and mine alone.

I had to realize that any results that I received, whether at the hands of others’ actions or inactions, were of my own doing. I was responsible for all the good that happened for all those years and I was ultimately responsible for all the bad as well. No one else was to blame. However, because I allowed my worth to be destroyed, it made all the other terrible things that happened to be possible. Additionally, I had unknowingly sown several bad seeds in my business that didn’t bear fruit until I faced serious adversity. And when my businesses needed all the principles of worth and wealth working on their behalf, these bad seeds bore their fruit. For years I had enough amazing things working in my favor to make up for any bad decisions I made or bad financial DNA that I had, but in the worldwide crash and all that ensued, the horrific economy and other things brought me tumbling down. And because I had to accept personal responsibility for what happened, I was devastated. It made me question everything I knew and had done. Ultimately I questioned my value…….yes, my worth.

I was completely broken by the process, but I learned after much personal introspection that all of the good things that I knew and had done at a world-class level were still true. I still possessed all of the knowledge and wisdom of my good actions. NOW, however, I had lots of additional and powerful lessons of loss that could show me where I lacked in my internal worth. I learned some very powerful lessons….ones that will positively affect me and others the rest of my life. Ones, that once heeded, began my personal reconstruction of success, happiness, and financial prosperity. So I take this very powerful lesson “Wealth Follows Worth very seriously. The principle teaching that whatever your worth is on the inside will be what is reflected and manifested in your life and business on the outside. There is no other way around this principle. Until you create internal worth and belief, you will not possess external wealth and financial success.

So the question then becomes, how is a real change made? How is real change enacted? How does real change become permanent? HOW IS REAL WORTH CREATED? This is the foundation that I have built my system to become for myself and others. A place and system where people that choose to change, can change……permanently. A place where the hard questions are asked because the answers have deep meaning and value.

So, in summary, you are all here hoping to become a success at real estate investing. Welcome to a place that will help you change your inner worth…..if you allow it to happen. You will be required to play full out in the system. You will have to truly look inside at what is lacking in your personal worth formula. See, anyone can come up with a Flipping Blueprint. A Wealth Blueprint. A Real Estate Blueprint. A Foreclosure Blueprint. But until you have an internal worth blueprint, consistent success and wealth won’t be achieved. My life is living proof.

And until you become someone different, you won’t have something different in your life. You must change who you are. I have learned that self-improvement can become one of the most addictive forces that there is in the universe. Let’s get started NOW. Contact Mike Watson Investing for partnership information!

I promise that you are worth it!!!!!