This is the system that directs and helps us see real estate in terms here at Mike Watson Investing for a “Highest and Best Use” way of life. Practicing and mastering this system of the “Foundation to Success” is paramount in becoming a worthy vessel that will allow true and lasting real estate wealth to flow into your life. There are ten steps to the FTS system that you need to learn, master AND internalize. They are:

  1. Know the “Foundation to Success.” You have to know what it is you are doing to be able to master what it is that you want to become. Learn the system. Become more worthy of the knowledge that will change your life for the better. Get started NOW!

  2. Find your Red Button Statement or your why. Those that have a compelling reason why they want to do something work a lot harder. They focus a lot more. They don’t quit as easily. Look inside yourself to see what your reasons are.

  3. Begin Finding Incredible Properties through Competing and Non-Competing Methods. Finding properties takes on new meanings when we know we are going to be looking at them differently. We need to find them using many of the same results that others use because our new way of looking at those properties will yield much better results than others will get with the same properties. We will also want to use methods where we won’t be competing with others as well. This gives us a clear playing field to find incredible deals.

  4. Analyze these Properties for their “Highest and Best Use.” We use a very different deal evaluation process, one designed to produce very different results than other systems get. Once we analyze these properties differently, we will use flips, flixers and fixers to generate large profits, equity positions and cash flows.

  5. Buy Properties Using Other People’s Money and Other People’s Mortgages. Because our ability to find amazing properties will exceed our current abilities to buy and finance them, we will learn how to buy properties using Seller Financing and Private Capital. These tools will greatly accelerate our abilities to build a much bigger portfolio in a much shorter period of time.

  6. Expose the Vision as You Put the Properties back up for Sale. We close on our properties and immediately put them back up for sale. We obviously don’t list them for the price we purchased them at and market them as how we bought them. We list them as their future value and with their future use exposed. This allows others to immediately begin seeing our vision too as we move on to our next step.

  7. Create and Enhance Equity. Too many investors rely simply on buying properties under market as their only tool for profit and if they can’t find undervalued properties, or they can’t get seller to gut their sales price enough, they have no options as investors. Preying on others’ pain is not a great way to build a career and a dignified life. We make our profits helping the property become something much much more than it currently is.

  8. Sell for a Profit. Anytime we put properties up for sale, they will either sell or they won’t. That is the way it works. Pretty simple. The neat thing about the FTS is that we can become wealthy whether or not our properties sell. If the property sells, we make great short-term profits and help to fund our lives and operations. If they don’t sell, we move on to step 9.

  9. Refinance for an Equity Position and Cash Flow. If our properties don’t sell, we can then refinance them with our equity position that we have created in our step 6. This equity position allows us to refinance the properties that didn’t sell giving us net worth, cash flow, assets that will appreciate and great tax benefits.

  10. Prosper and Share with Others. Once the profits start flowing, the prosperity must be shared. You will learn that wealth will not flow to us until wealth can flow through us. Giving to others gives us the chance to truly create that lasting worth in ourselves that will allow long-term wealth to be a permanent part of our future.

These steps can help us see real estate for what it can be, not for what it is. It can also help us realize our potential of what we can be, helping us to overcome what we currently are.

Make the commitment to master each step and apply them to real estate and your life. You will find additional information on these steps on our web page and additional training for each part of this system.